Who is the Indian Gamer?

An average Indian online gamer is below the age of 24, introduced to online gaming through their friends, family, and peer group, engaged in gaming for stress relief and social interaction.

In 2020, India recorded about 365M online gamers and is expected to have 510M by 2022. This sector may have traditionally been dominated by men, however, female gamers are now getting equally inclined to invest in gaming as entertainment. While only ~35% of mobile gamers are female, female gamers have been a catalyst for the growth of this sector, since the number of additional female gamers each year is…

Lumikai’s purpose is to curate and fund the next generation of visionary, forward-thinking founders across India’s gaming and interactive entertainment market.

The gaming market is in a constant state of innovation and disruption, creating endless new opportunities for founders to build. With the democratisation of creator tools, 40% Year on Year domestic sector growth, and the rapidly increasing sophistication of gamers, there’s never been a better time to start a gaming business.

Earlier this month we launched Lumikai’s Spark program, an open forum for founders to jam with our partners on their idea, without the ‘exam pressure’ of a traditional…

Lumkai thesis and philosophy

What we look for, and why we foresee a golden age of Indian gaming.

India’s gaming and interactive media sector is on an unprecedented growth trajectory. Multiple opportunities have arisen driven by increasing founder and player sophistication, community, demand, and diversity. Beyond this, we’re also seeing a unique convergence as gaming becomes more like (and replaces) traditional digital media, while digital media increasingly uses ‘systems of play’ to become more like gaming.

Lumikai General Partners, Justin Shriram Keeling and Salone Sehgal, share their insights on Lumikai’s focus at the heart of this interactive media convergence, and what we look for…

At Lumikai we’re often asked about IDFA, and what the imminent changes in Apple’s policy mean for the broader ecosystem. While there have been a lot of detailed analyses geared towards developer best practices, here we lay out an easy-to-digest, high-level overview of the key changes and how they will impact the mobile gaming business.

What is IDFA?

The Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) is a random device identifier that Apple assigns to its devices, which can be used for tracking and identifying a user without revealing their personal information. Since users spend most of their time on apps, not on…

Today we’re excited to announce Lumikai’s investment into India’s leading mid-core sports gaming studio, All Star-Games (formerly Deftouch). Our co-investor in the round is Play Ventures, founded by Harri & Henric, two of the most experienced early stage gaming investors in the world.

We first met the founders, Ninad and Keshav over a year ago at India GDC. What instantly stood out was their conviction to build something new, both in terms of their approach to sports games, and their innate understanding of the future of mid-core gaming. Unlike Western markets and Japan, the vast majority of Indians didn’t have…

The Bold & Brilliant Women in India’s Gaming Industry Who Dared To Tread A Different Path.

“If you can’t see it, you can’t be it.”

This is the oft-repeated quote to explain how the lack of female representation and women role models in an industry often perpetuates the status quo. At Lumikai, we want to be part of the change. As gaming becomes mainstream, we believe it’s important to amplify the women who have built and continue to build this industry. Thus, we are proud to launch the First Edition of “Lumikai Pathbreakers”, an initiative to showcase some of the bold, brilliant, and fierce women in the Indian games industry.

Gaming is now becoming a powerful…

After 4,200 (!) applications screened…. today we’re excited to welcome the latest additions to Team Lumikai.

Read on to get to know them better, and feel free to reach out and say hello.

VP Finance & Operations: Tanya Dubey, CA, Dip IFR (ACCA, UK)

Today we’re thrilled to announce Lumikai’s investment into Bombay Play.

Great teams make great companies, and we’ve been big fans of co-founders Oliver Jones and Abhas Saroha since we first met two years ago over coffee in Bangalore. Oli is one of India’s pre-eminent game designers, having led design at Glu Mobile and Zynga, before going on to co-found Moonfrog Games where he helped create Teen Patti Gold, India’s most successful card game. Abhas compliments Oli’s design experience perfectly, having led engineering at Zynga, Moonfrog, and Makemytrip.com.

Bombay Play Founders, Oliver Jones and Abhas Saroha

With thousands of new games hitting app stores each month, it’s becoming increasingly…

In 2020, Lumikai has seen 292 deals, joined 30+ webinars and conducted 26+ media interviews. There’s no escaping the current buzz around esports in India. As India’s only interactive and games VC there’s never a time that we aren’t asked about esports. We’ve heard esports pitches associated with RMG, fantasy, cricket, chess, ludo and even gamified kids education.

The term esports has been overused, overhyped and much misunderstood. It’s time to bust some myths and take a closer look at where the real growth opportunities are.

What Is Esports?

For those of us who come from the video game world, esports is not…

We’re thrilled today to announce the launch of Lumikai, an early stage VC focused exclusively on India’s gaming & interactive founders.

We’ll be investing cheque sizes between $200k to $2M across 15–20 early stage India gaming and interactive media companies, and are proud to be backed by some of the most iconic names global in gaming — including market leaders from Japan, US, Finland, and South Korea.

We’ve also been the worst kept secret in the Indian games ecosystem. This year in stealth mode we spoke with over 140 interactive startups, mostly referred or sent our way by India’s gaming…


India’s gaming & interactive media venture fund. Early stage is where the magic happens! Contact: hello@lumikai.com

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